Parent And Family Counseling

How can parent counseling help my child?

It may surprise you, but one of the most effective and well-established interventions for young children with ADHD involves their parents going to counseling. 

Being a parent of a child with ADHD requires an extra amount of patience and dedication.  Sometimes, the stress of raising a special-needs child can take a toll on parents and their relationships.

In addition, children with ADHD tend to be more sensitive to stress and less able to cope with family stressors. Our parent counseling services are here to provide parents with extra support, reduce chronic stressors, and teach skills that go beyond traditional parenting techniques. 

What is family therapy?

Family therapy is a form of counseling that can help couples, children, and family members learn how to communicate better, solve problems, and discover new ways of working together.  

Family sessions typically include the child or adolescent along with parents, siblings, and grandparents. 

The goal of family therapy is to strengthen the entire family system and encourage everyone to get involved in solving problems in a mutually beneficial way.

What is Parent-Child Interaction Therapy?

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an evidenced-based therapy that is effective at reducing common childhood behavioral issues such as aggression, defiance, short temper, and non-compliance.

During PCIT sessions, parents are coached in real-time as they play with their children and practice new parenting skills. 

Each session is focused on improving your child’s behavior and strengthening the quality of the parent-child relationship.

Treatment typically lasts between 12-14 weeks. Parents are expected to attend weekly sessions and complete daily homework assignments with their child. 

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our parent and family counseling services, consider getting in touch with ADHD Child & Family Services by phone or through the online booking tool. 

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